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            How We Help

            Dream Home Lottery

            The 2019 Dream Home Lottery is over.
            Congratulations to this year's Dream Home winner JIM KOLE!

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            Where the focus is on choice. At the Prince George Hospice Society, we strive to provide comprehensive care for those in need. From family support and grief counselling to End of Life Care that ensures your loved one spends their remaining time in the way that they wish, .


            Check out our 'Hospice Help's series of videos for Caregivers!

            Check out our 'Hospice Help's series of videos for Caregivers!

            Being a Caregiver is as challenging as it is important. Hospice knows this, and cares. That's why we've put together this video resource - a place where caregivers can be comforted by videos created specifically for them! Click the banner above to watch the intro video to get a a better idea of the program, and then dive into all the videos.



            Denise - click to view her video

            Brandi - click to view her video